Crabbé and Dens remain in the lead in U23 AVS Cup

Tom Crabbé and Stan Dens remain in the lead in the U23 AVS Cup after three days. The pair have an eleven-point lead over Van den Haute/Bertels and Galli/Pinazzi.

As tradition dictates, the third evening at the Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent began with three tests in the U23 AVS Cup. It was clear what leaders Tom Crabbé and Stan Dens had to do: secure their lead.

In the opening events, two points races, both Crabbé and Dens settled for third place. Mission accomplished. The full spoils went to Frenchman Nicolas Hamon and Swiss Fabian Weiss.

In the final event, a time trial over 500 metres, duo Milan Van den Haute/Jasper Bertels did an excellent job. With a time of 28.363, the two set the top time, good for a bonus of 20 points.

In the overall rankings, Van den Haute and Bertels climb to a shared second place with the Italian duo Niccolo Galli/Mattia Pinazzi on 34 points. Crabbé and Dens lead halfway through the U23 AVS Cup with 45 points.