VIP Day 3 – Thursday 17/11/2022

Seated dinner

Reserve your table(s) (from 4 persons onwards) and enjoy a wonderful all-inclusive evening. From 19:00 hrs onwards (Sunday at 12:00 hrs) you are welcome in our new restaurant, where you will be able tot watch our chefs whilst they are preparing the food.  The aperitif with nibbles will be served at your personalized table. At 19:45 hrs the buffet will be open. Guests choose their meal at the buffet. Four cold and four warm dishes are available every day. The hot and cold dishes will be followed by a dessert buffet with coffee and tea. After 23:00 hrs the evening can be continued in the VIP café.

This arrangement includes seats in cat. 1 (stands A – B right at the start and finish; based on availability).