Kopecky and Bossuyt eye-catchers in Fiberklaar Ladies Cup, Degrendele on hunt for record

On Friday and Saturday, the main programme of the Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent will make way for the Fiberklaar Ladies Cup, featuring Lotte Kopecky and Shari Bossuyt. On Thursday and Sunday, Nicky Degrendele will go on the hunt for a record.

World Team Race Champions Kopecky and Bossuyt, the two Belgian prima donnas of the track, along with several other Belgian riders, will take on a strong Dutch delegation in the Fiberklaar Ladies Cup. A points race is on the menu on Friday, and scratch, elimination and points races on Saturday.

Nicky Degrendele will also make her appearance in Ghent. The 2018 World Keirin Champion will be on the hunt for new track records in ‘t Kuipke on Thursday and Sunday.