Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent ready for second day of competition

The Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent is heading into its second day of competition on Wednesday. Later this afternoon we will have a clearer view of the injuries sustained by the riders on a dramatic opening night. 

Obviously Gerben Thijssen, whose condition is improving after Tuesday’s crash, will no longer compete. In consultation with the riders and organisers, further changes to the line-up of the teams will be decided late in the afternoon. In case there are any changes to the line-up, there will be another statement. 

The second day of the Lotto Dix Days of Flanders-Ghent will start at 20:20 with a first points race, and will end after midnight with a madison. From 18:00 spectators are invited to head to the Kuipke to cheer on the U23 riders in the AVS Cup – the Future Six Days – and the para-cyclists.