Morkov and Hansen Defend Lead for Third Night

Michael Morkov and Lasse Norman Hansen successfully defended their leader’s position during the third night of the Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent. Roger Kluge/Jasper De Buyst and Iljo Keisse/Mark Cavendish are in the same lap as the Danish World Champions.

It was Dutchman Yoeri Havik who chalked up a win in the first points race of day three. Kenny De Ketele came out on top in the second points race. The team elimination went to Kenny De Ketele/Robbe Ghys, and in the track lap Michael Morkov together with Lasse Norman Hansen immediately put the house back in order. The latter were able to start the first Madison of the evening, over 45 minutes, as leaders. Once again, this Madison was very hectic. Like the strokes of  a pendulum, the top teams attacked and escaped and kept a close eye on each other.

One moment, it looked like Iljo Keisse and Mark Cavendish were going to bear the brunt of the situation but nevertheless, they managed to grab a lap in the closing minutes, allowing the four top teams to ride the finale. In the end, it was Jasper De Buyst and Roger Kluge who reigned supreme in an exciting sprint.

Kenny De Ketele and Iljo Keisse both triumphed in the derny events and Otto Vergaerde and Jules Hesters got the long straw in the last Madison. However, the Danish World Champions Morkov/Hansen are continuing in the lead.