Noah Vandenbranden and Gianluca Pollefliet Continue Their Lead With Only One Day To Go

Belgian duo Noah Vandenbranden and Gianluca Pollefliet have maintained their leader’s position after the fifth night of the Toekomstzesdaagse.

They have already collected 150 points. That is exactly 74 more than Brits Noah Hobbs/Joshua Tarling. The Netherlands’ Yanne Dorenbos together with Noël Luijten have dropped down to third place (72 points). France’ Clément Petit/Nicolas Hamon have to be satisfied with 71 points. In fifth place, are Switzerland’s Fabian Weiss/Damien Fortis (56 points).

The programme of the penultimate night of the Future Six Days only featured a Madison over 210 laps. Noah Vandenbranden and Gianluca Pollefliet ruled the nest again. If all goes well, this Belgian duo will be the deserved winners of the Future Six Days.

“I am not going to declare ourselves overall winners yet. There is one more day remaining, but I cannot deny that it is beginning to look better day by day. We controlled the race. That was our intention and at a given moment we thought it was a good idea to attack. It would have been sweet to grab a lap on the others but we narrowly missed that opportunity”, says Vandenbranden.

“I really suffered in the first 60 laps. I did not feel great at all. I did not have a good day, but I did come through towards the end and I was able to attack when the Italians dropped a go and the British riders were too far in the group. We almost managed to grab a lap. All that is left for us to do tomorrow is control everything so that we can win this Future Six Days event”, added Pollefliet.