Vandenbranden And Pollefliet Set AVS Cup Track Record

After the first day of the AVS Cup, the Six Days for U23 riders, Noah Vandenbranden and Gianluca Pollefliet are in the lead.

Vandenbranden came fourth in the first points race and Pollefliet triumphed convincingly in the second race. In the 500m time trial nothing could be done about Vandenbranden-Pollefliet, who set a new track record for U23s with a time of 8.774. The Belgian duo beat the 8.899 set by Danes Oliver Wulff Frederiksen and Matias Malmberg in 2018.

Vandenbranden and Pollefliet have 24 points in total, which puts them 9 points ahead of Clément Petit and Nicolas Hamon from France. The Netherlands’ Yanne Dorenbos/Noël Luijten share third place with Belgians Jasper Bertels/Inias Leten. Vandenbranden and Pollefliet can start the second day of the AVS Cup in the yellow leaders’ jerseys on Wednesday.