World Champions Morkov and Hansen Take The Lead After Day Two

Michael Morkov and Lasse Norman Hansen take the lead after the second night of the Six Days of Ghent. The Danish World Champions have 147 points, fifteen more than Kenny De Ketele and Robbe Ghys.

Straight away, Morkov settled into the first points race of the evening. Italian Michele Scartezzini triumphed in the second points race. The team elimination again went to Morkov and Hansen. Tuur Dens forced a win in the track lap. Two duos started the first Madison race of the evening in the same lap. Morkov and Hansen had taken the lead, with 106 points and thus a bonus lap, from De Buyst and Kluge (59 points).

The World Champions again started the 30 minutes of the Madison very strongly as did De Ketele and Ghys. They managed to gain one or more laps on the competition. Both duos had a chance to sprint for victory. In an extremely long sprint, De Ketele proved that he was faster than Morkov.

In the second and last Madison of the evening, Fabio Van den Bossche and Vincent Hoppezak got the longest straw. So, Morkov and Hansen take the lead in the general ranking after the second night. In that same lap, Belgian duo De Ketele-Ghys follow in second place.

There are four duos who have gained one lap. Iljo Keisse with Brit Mark Cavendish have 98 points and are close to a bonus lap. Jasper De Buyst with German Roger Kluge took fourth position with 87 points. Belgian-Swiss duo Jonas Rickaert and Silvan Dillier have 69 points and Belgian duo Otto Vergaerde with Jules Hesters is 6th with 66 points.