World Champions Morkov/Hansen Go Into Last Day As Leaders

Danish World Champions Michael Morkov-Lasse Norman Hansen are starting the last day of the Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent as leaders with 319 points. De Ketele/Ghys and De Buyst/Kluge are starting in the same lap.

Denmark’s Matias Malmberg won the first points race of the night. In the second points race, The Netherlands’ Jan-Willem van Schip proved to be stronger than the rest. The team elimination turned into a battle between Morkov/Hansen and De Ketele/Ghys, which the Danes ended up winning.

There was a goose-bump moment in the time trial track lap when Kenny De Ketele and Robbe Ghys set off on beating the time in the 166 metres. The speaker directed everybody to jump up out of their seats and they started loudly chanting the name ‘Kenny’. De Ketele set the best time together with Ghys, 8.565, until Morkov and Hansen completely ruined the party that had started by beating that time with their 8.527.

The three top teams started the first Madison of the day in the same lap. Halfway through, De Ketele/Ghys grabbed two laps in one go but despite the great efforts, De Ketele/Ghys did not manage to gain a lap on their competitors. In the end, it was De Buyst/Kluge and Keisse/Cavendish who sprinted for victory, which went to the German.

In the last Madison of the night, Keisse and Cavendish triumphed. Morkov and Hansen will go into the last day as leaders.